At the beginning of every month, WIM Tracking adds all of the newly licensed health care providers in the state of Montana to its database.  Here is the breakdown of the 153 new providers we just added for September 2016.

  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses – 64
  • Dentists – 31
  • Chiropractors – 9
  • Naturopathic Doctors – 4
  • Optometrists – 11
  • Physicians – 32
  • Podiatrists – 2

But, just because they are licensed in Montana, doesn’t mean they are seeing patients in Montana.  Once the new providers are added to the WIM Tracking database, our data trackers go through each provider record and locate their current medical practice and practicing specialty.  As these changes are made in the health care provider records, they become view-able to subscribers in the online directory.

There are almost twice as many providers licensed in Montana, than actually practicing in Montana.  Here is what WIM says: Practicing in Montana, Licensed in Montana respectively

  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses – 655, 1166
  • Dentists – 524, 753
  • Chiropractors – 328, 409*
  • Naturopathic Doctors – 58, 96
  • Optometrists – 174, 270
  • Physicians – 2245, 5167
  • Podiatrists – 40, 68

These professional Montana licences are renewed every two years.  This means that every year in a certain month, WIM Tracking will inactivate a large amount of provider accounts as their licenses are not renewed.  Once they are inactivated, they are not view-able to subscribers.  *This month, for example, Montana Chiropractor licenses are renewed.  The majority of these providers are already known by WIM Tracking to be retired or not practicing in Montana, so subscribers will not notice a change in the WIM Reports.  However, if you keep up your own database of health care providers in Montana, it is good practice to note these changes in your own records.

Make note of the months in which the Montana professional health care provider licenses are renewed.

September – Chiropractors

November- Podiatrists

January – APRNs

March – Dentists

April – Physicians

May – Naturopathic Doctors

July – Optometrists