If you are a fan of Men’s Health Magazine, the Doctors or the Today Show you may have heard about Jedidiah Ballard, DO.  Dr. Ballard, an ER physician working out of Georgia, was recently named Men’s Health Ultimate Guy. Yes, he’s a doctor, yes, he is on the cover of Men’s Health, but why is he on WIM’s radar?  Well, he was raised here in Montana.  The majority of the current news articles about Dr. Ballard don’t speak about his Montana upbringing, but it offers us a wonderful experience to read about the great things our Montana-bred docs are up to. Read about Dr. Ballard here.


Jedidiah Ballard


  • Into State – Henry Charles Jensen DDS, Jensen Dental – Missoula
  • Into State – Ashley  Hilliker PA, Southwest Montana Community Health Center – Dillon
  • Into State – Charles Brad Black MD, Center for Asbestos Related Disease – Libby
  • Into State – Tyler  Hurst DO, Clark Fork Emergency Physicians – Missoula
  • Into State – Miranda  Frear LAc, Arcadia Acupuncture Clinic – Helena
  • Out of State – Rory  Cordial PT, Cordial Health – Missoula
  • Out of State – Erin Rose Medina MD, Northwest Community Health Center – Libby
  • Out of State – Nathan Drew Chambers PA-C, Ruby Valley Hospital – Sheridan
  • Retirement – Noel  Hoell MD, Curry Health Center Counseling – Missoula
  • Retirement – Gary Lee Pannabecker DDS, Blackfeet Community Hospital – Browning
  • Within State – Laryn  Martin PT DPT CMT, Ascension Physical Therapy – Helena
  • Within State – Tamela J Vanderaarde-Scholten MD, Benefis Health System – Great Falls
  • Within State – Tanya R McCullough ANP-C, St. Peters Medical Group North – Helena
  • Within State – Katie Lynn Brennan APRN, Crafted Aesthtics – Helena
  • Within State – Edward M Mondloch CRNA, Rocky Mountain Eye Center – Missoula
  • Within State – Patricia  Kelly MD, Missoula Cardiology – Missoula

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As of 4/10/17 Montana has the following providers practicing in the state:

  • 62 acupuncturists
  • 595 advanced practice registered nurses
  • 329 chiropractors
  • 569 dentists
  • 60 naturopathic doctors
  • 173 optometrists
  • 2122 physicians
  • 461 physician assistants
  • 36 podiatrists

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