Folks interested in the Wyoming and Idaho health workforce will soon have access to the same awesome data and tools made available by WIM Tracking regarding Montana’s health workforce.

The Wyoming and Idaho health workforce data will be made available to all current WIM Tracking online database (Tracker Lab) clients at no extra charge.  The data will flow directly into the search screens and state by state comparative health workforce data will be included in the WIM Workforce Reports.  Once the changes go live, users will automatically be able to query the database for Wyoming and Idaho providers and download targeted mailing lists of the healthcare providers and practice locations, just as they do now with the Montana providers.

Once the new data is launched the WIM Mapper (GIS Mapping Tool) will also allow users to map WIM’s provider and practice data in all three states!

Wyoming Idaho Montana


  • Inactive – Lowell  Medhus FNP, Family Medicine – Wolf Point, MT
  • Into State – David Alexander Harris MD, Pediatrics – Terry, MT
  • Into State – Becky  Slater MD, Emergency Medicine – Great Falls, MT
  • Into State – Richard  Slater DO, Urology – Great Falls, MT
  • Retirement – David G Shapnick MD, Ophthalmology – Dillon & Butte, MT
  • Retirement – Sharon  Gottardi APRN, Family Medicine – Lewistown, MT
  • Within State – Aaron Michael Shearman DDS, Dentistry – Butte, MT
  • Within State – Michael C Dicello MD, Allergy – Bozeman, MT
  • Within State – Cindy K Feddes FNP, Allergy – Bozeman, MT
  • Within State – Nikki Leah Buck FNP-C, Family Medicine – Dillon, MT
  • Within State – Angela Rene Smith PA-C, Internal Medicine – Hardin, MT
  • Within State – Daniel J Downey MD, Orthopaedics – Dillon, MT
  • Within State – Rebecca J Conroy FNP, Family Medicine – Victor, MT
  • Within State – Rebecca Ann Zatorowski NP, Family Medicine – Missoula, MT
  • Within State – Robin Lynn Yeargan NP, Family Medicine – Hamilton, MT
  • Within State – Thomas  Hoffman MD, Psychiatry – Butte, MT
  • Within State – Tristan  Svejkovsky FNP-BC, Family Medicine – Butte, MT

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As of 6/12/17 Montana has the following providers practicing in the state:

  • 61 acupuncturists
  • 587 advanced practice registered nurses
  • 327 chiropractors
  • 569 dentists
  • 59 naturopathic doctors
  • 172 optometrists
  • 2131 physicians
  • 462 physician assistants
  • 38 podiatrists

Click here to see a breakdown of counts by specialty or location.

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