David Lee Roth (most notably known for his time as a rockstar with the band Van Halen) has medicine in his blood and not in the way you might assume.  What I mean by that is, he is the son of an ophthalmologist and the nephew of two surgeons (neuro and orthopedic).

I have always wondered what celebrities might do for work outside of their time in the spotlight.  Well, David Lee Roth has followed the path of many of his family members and spent some time off the stage working as an EMT.  This was in the early 2000’s and is a bit surprising to me.  Reading about his time in the public eye, Roth appears to be a bit of a controversial character.  However, Fox News reported back in 2004 that his EMT tutor said “he has probably turned out to be one of the best students I have ever had. He is very serious. You would never know you were dealing with a rock-‘n’-roll guy, his commitment really is touching. He wants to help people.”

David Lee Roth


  • Into State – Dylan  Weishaar DDS, Dentistry – Shelby, MT
  • Into State – Robert Mark Weingart MD, Urology – Great Falls, MT
  • Into State – Charles Kevin Morin DMD, Dentistry – Pediatric – Billings, MT
  • Out of State – Lynn  Mousel MD, Psychiatry – Great Falls, MT
  • Retirement – Lawrence L Herbert MD, Radiology – Billings, MT
  • Retirement – Rock E Svennungsen OD, Optometry – Shelby, MT
  • Within State – Jill Denise Bolstad MD, Pediatrics – Great Falls, MT

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  • Billings Clinic partnered with Central Montana Medical Center – Get the Deets
  • Wade Johnson announced to become new CEO of St. Peter’s Hospital – Get the Deets
  • Kalispell Regional Healthcare launched KRH Care Anywhere – Get the Deets
  • Community Medical Center opened new Hyperbaric Wound Center – Get the Deets

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As of 6/26/17 Montana has the following providers practicing in the state:

  • 61 acupuncturists
  • 587 advanced practice registered nurses
  • 327 chiropractors
  • 572 dentists
  • 59 naturopathic doctors
  • 171 optometrists
  • 2130 physicians
  • 461 physician assistants
  • 37 podiatrists

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