I wonder how many patients show up at their primary care doctor’s office full of wisdom they gained from watching the Dr. Oz Show. With over 6 million Facebook Fans and 4 million Twitter followers, Dr. Mehmet Oz remains a widely controversial medical professional and TV personality. So who is this guy? A Harvard undergrad, he received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1986) and completed a residency and internship at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. He is currently the Director of the Integrative Medicine Center at Columbia University. Columbia lists his Board Certifications as General Surgery and Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery.

For about a year I DVR’d his daytime show, I particularly favored how he visually explained how the human body worked and reacted to different substances. That is how I prefer to learn. Don’t just tell me not to eat something because it is bad for me, show me what happens inside my body when I do eat that substance and from there I can make my own determination. However, once his credibility began to take hits I quickly wrote him off as just another click-bait newsfeed from the Internet.

He has been publicly fighting for his credibility over the past few years as physician groups have criticized his opinions and even gone as far as calling for his dismissal from Columbia a few years ago. Even with all of this hype and negative publicity, I look forward to seeing how his medical theories evolve over the years.

Pseudo-quack or disruptive innovator? That’s a determination we all must make in our daily lives with just about everything we read online or watch on TV.

Dr. Mehmet Oz


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  • Retirement – Robert D Friess DDS, Dentistry – Columbia Falls, MT

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  • Billings Clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare announced plans to open the Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana in 2019.  Get the Deets
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