The Montana Healthcare Workforce Advisory Committee (MHWAC) is the architrave of health workforce planning. In 2017 the committee released their 2017 strategic plan. Molded by a team bigger than the MSU football team (including coaches), the initiative was constructed by almost one hundred healthcare planning leaders from in and around Montana. The architect behind a committee so sizable deserves a standing ovation just for the effort in organizing and channeling these minds to deliver such a vast proposal. Now the conductors of these individual organizations are using the momentum built within this plan to push forward workforce building efforts within their respective segments.

This plan deserves to be shared, it is so well written and strategically organized, you can sense the years and years of thought process behind it. It comes from a group of experts much smarter than I, holding impressive resumes painted with legislative, advocacy and healthcare policy achievements. It’s a work of art, one that I admire and will continue to reference and learn from.

Download it here. WIM Tracking even got an honorable mention on page 86.