I am in the final stages of development of the Idaho Health Workforce Database. Before the data is released into the WIM Datahub, I thought it would be a good time to share an overview of the Idaho dentist workforce data.

The following data was pulled from the WIM Datahub on 9/25/2018. A report similar to the one below is available in the WIM Datahub. It updates automatically as changes are made in the WIM database. A super useful feature of the report in the WIM Datahub is that users can click on the calculated number to see the names of the dentists that make up the count. Here is an overview of how the database was created.

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Dentist Type Idaho Montana
General Dentists 703 461
Pediatric Dentists 55 34
Endodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, Sedationists 42 33
Oral Surgeons 28 27
Orthodontists 53 38
Total 881 593
General Dental Facilities 518 326

1.717 million Idaho 2017 Est. Population

1.05 million Montana 2017 Est. Population

WIM Tracking monitors the health workforce in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana and provides organizations with access to the workforce data through an online datahub. The Idaho dentist data will be available in the WIM datahub in October. At that time, the Idaho dental data will be available for download into mailing lists, print directories, workforce reports and online mapping via Tableau.

Contact Jena Smith jena@wimtracking.org for a demo of the system or subscribe now and gain access immediately.

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