A big thank you to the 35 Wyoming physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who responded to WIM’s special healthcare needs survey. These providers responded saying they specialize in treating patients with:

ADHD ● Addiction ● Anorexia ● Autism ● Celiac Disease ● Cerebral Palsy ● Obesity ● Cystic Fibrosis ● Down Syndrome ● Epilepsy ● Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ● Fragile X ● Hydrocephalus ● Muscular Dystrophy ● Multiple Sclerosis ● Paralysis ● Skeletal Dysplasia ● Spina Bifida ● Tourettes

WIM has organized this data into a PDF directory that patients, providers and caregivers may download. It is organized by type of need and then by city. Download this Wyoming Special Needs Healthcare directory.