The Bright App is web-based application (under development) that houses practice related information on Montana’s mental health providers in a searchable format. The mental health provider types include:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Addiction Counselors (LACs)
  • Professional Counselors (LCPCs)
  • Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs)

It will be a new resource for anyone seeking mental health services in Montana. The providers are listed by practice location along with their specialties. All mental health providers will be included in the directory at no cost, regardless of network or membership affiliation. However, a provider can opt-out of their directory listing.

It will be hosted on the WIM website, but best of all — the app can be placed on any website that would like to host the mental health counselors search app. So anyone searching for a provider on a county website, independent provider website, etc. can access that data directly on that website, as long as that website adds the mental health directory code to their website.

This link shows a prototype of the application with sample data, a link for providers to update their information and a sponsorship form:

Montana Mental Health providers are encouraged to complete the provider update form. They will all be receiving a letter in mail with the form, but can also complete it online.

I am nearing the completion of the data collection process. I am going county by county and seeking out mental health services by location type (Critical Access Hospitals, Community Health Centers, Mental Health Centers, private practices, school systems, boarding schools, residential treatment centers, youth programs, Indian Health). I associate a provider to a practice location and when that is complete I will send a request for information to gather specialty info.

The Bright App will be made free to any website that would like to host the data and anyone using The Bright App to locate a mental health provider in Montana. This is in thanks to local Montana sponsors. WIM is now seeking to sponsors for 2019. To sponsor The Bright App and have your logo on the application, complete the sponsorship form and sent it to Jena Smith, PO Box 302 Townsend MT 59644. Please direct questions to Jena (406) 640-1230 or jena