The WIM Reports function from a live connection to the WIM Tracking database.

**Providers Counted in Reports** The WIM database monitors all providers licensed in the state of Montana.  WIM tracks the providers based on practice status (active, not seeing patients, retired etc) and practice type (public access, federal (VA or IHS), state employee, etc).  These reports are reflective of providers that are actively seeing patients in Montana at a public access facility. IHS, VA and State (Montana State Prison, Montana State Hospital, etc) providers are not counted.

This report allows you to choose the county, provider type and specialty type you would like reported. Use the selection boxes to choose your filters.  Leave a selection blank to search all.

• There is a drill down report within this report. Simply click on the number within the report to see the providers who make up the count in each specialty/county.

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This report is an easy to read quick summary of the providers practicing in Montana.

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This report demonstrates the # of providers with a primary practice in each county. Expand the county section to drill down the provider’s specialties. Expand the specialty section to drill down if the provider has a subspecialty. If “(blank)” is displayed, those providers do not have a subspecialty.

Montana county population data obtained from the US Census Bureau Fact Finder:

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