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Telehealth Access Point (TAP) Intake Form

The Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC) has developed a free, public-use map to identify healthcare facilities that offer telehealth services.  The NRTRC Find Telehealth map is for patients and providers to locate telehealth services, as well as find available Telehealth Access Points (TAPs), a public location where a telehealth visit can be conducted.

A Telehealth Access Point (TAP) is a dedicated public space for individuals to access a telehealth appointment.  These spaces consist of an adequate internet connection, a device with working camera, speaker and microphone, as well as privacy considerations in the form of a dedicated room or kiosk where the telehealth visit can be conducted.  TAPs may also have support staff to assist an individual through a telehealth appointment if needed.

Ensure that TAPs in your area are correctly represented by completing this form.