The Bright App Annual Call Campaign Tracker

The Bright App is WIM’s public behavioral healthcare provider directory. Read the FAQs here. The Bright is hosted on 7 websites in Montana including Montana 211. The Bright App includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, LCPCs, LACs, and LCSWs.

Providers have been added to The Bright App by WIM and given the opportunity to tell us more about their practice by completing a Bright App form. Jena sends a quarterly email to providers that have given WIM their email address to remind them to update their information. WIM also sends an annual mailing via USPS to all licensed providers.

For any provider that is listed in The Bright App that has never completed a form OR hasn’t updated their form since April 2022, we need to call and confirm their phone number is still active, inform them about The Bright App, request they complete a Bright App form, and update WIM if we learn a provider has retired or moved out of state. SKIP AGENCIES (License Type = Agency). 

We use the tracking form below to know who to call. Search under Behavioral Health Provider Level Fields

  • Providers who have never completed a Bright App form — TBA Form Completed = “No”
  • Providers who haven’t updated their Bright App from since before April 2022 — Date TBA Completed = “less than 4/1/2022”

Resources:      Email Templates      Questions from Providers        Phone Script        County Tracker