WIM Candidate Assessment

WIM’s Candidate Assessment will be done in two phases.

Phase 1 – 1 hour

Phase 1 will be the First Look + Enneagram Assessment. During the first look, a WIM team member will provide you with an overview of the position you are applying for and a detailed look at the data management processes. We are a data-as-a-service provider which means every WIM team member plays a significant role in the data processes. If after the First Look, you would like to continue in the interview process, the WIM team member will instruct you to take the Enneagram Assessment. If you decide to continue in the interview process, this demonstrates to us that you feel you would excel in the role and be motivated to continue in the position long term.

Phase 2 – 2 hours

Phase 2 will be an hour-long discussion with WIM’s CEO and another hour in assessment testing. The assessment testing will test your attention to detail, critical thinking, problem solving, and computer literacy skills.

Phase 1 Enneagram Assessment

The Enneagram is a unique personality mapping framework that explains individuals’ behavior patterns, how they interpret the world, and how they handle their emotions. The Enneagram is useful for determining the traits, motivations, values, and reasons behind people’s actions. It’s instrumental in business for determining candidates’ characteristics and how they will fit into your workspace.

Follow the link to complete the Enneagram Assessment.

The Enneagram Personality Test (truity.com)

Upon completion of the Enneagram Assessment, share your screen with your first look interviewer for their review.

Phase 2 Assessments

Assessment 1: