Workforce Information Provider Portal (WIPP)

Welcome to the Workforce Information Provider Portal by WIM Tracking. WIPP is an online platform where healthcare providers and practice managers can seamlessly complete requests for information and earn thank you incentives. Educational institutions, researchers, professional associations, and state agencies in need of health workforce information are able to combine information collection efforts through WIPP.

The goals of WIPP:

  • Streamline the workforce information collection process for providers and practice managers
  • Alleviate survey fatigue by providing an easy-to-use platform and thank you rewards for participants
  • Utilize existing workforce data to lessen duplication efforts of information seekers
  • Provide information seekers with accurate, timely details about the health workforce

How does WIPP work?

For Healthcare Providers and Practice Managers:

  • Healthcare providers and practice managers register online and complete an entry form to identify your practice information
  • If you would like to participate in the incentive program, you will complete a verification process via USPS mail
  • Upon login, you will be provided with a list of current survey requests that are directed toward your unique practice
  • You can choose to complete the requests and receive the incentive associated with the request
  • Every request you complete will earn you entries into the annual one-winner prize drawing (valued at $8,000)

For Requesters of Health Workforce Information:

  • Organizations interested in requesting workforce related information from providers and practice managers register as a Requester
  • Requesters complete a form to identify what existing workforce information they need, additional information needed, and whether or not the request should be sent to the provider or practice manager
  • Requesters will offer incentives to providers and practice managers for the completion of their request
  • The additional information request is sent to the provider or practice managers for the identified healthcare practice type